Face Plate for a Garbage Truck Can-Lift Mechanism

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Face Plate Assembly
Face Plate Assembly
Perkins Garbage truck can lift
Perkins Garbage truck can lift
Can Lift Mechanism
Can Lift Mechanism

With our comprehensive skills mix, Advanced Custom Metals, Inc. provides complete, end-to-end production services for fabricated metal assemblies. We manufactured the faceplate shown here for a local client in the refuse industry. Designed for use in a garbage truck can-lifting mechanism, it featured dimensions of 17.75" in length x 18.00" in width x 10.00" in height.

For this project, we developed fabrication strategies that involved using our laser cutting equipment, press brake machinery, heavy duty drills, and MIG welding stations. One of the notable highlights was the odd size of the assembly, which required some special attention on our part. Creating the bend profiles in A36 structural grade steel involved two operations at the press brake per side, with two technicians holding each end of the plate in the machine. Our welding capabilities also played an important role in ensuring the structural integrity of this assembly, which is subject to the stresses of lifting heavy loads and extreme environmental conditions.

One of the strongest aspects of our fabrication capabilities is our ability to plan out projects to optimize use of manpower, equipment, and materials. By having the right resources available at the right time, and engineering our processes to achieve high material yields, we achieved accelerated production rates and a very favorable cost structure. This client is very pleased with the high quality of this assembly, and we continue to manufacture this faceplate at the rate of 500 a year on a blanket order, with typical monthly volume at 40 units.

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Face Plate for Lift Mechanism Specifications

Overall Part Dimensions
17.75"W X 18.00"L X 10.00"H
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
A36 Grade Steel
500/Year Blanket, 40/Month Release
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 Days after blanket

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