CNC Laser Cut Flange for an Industrial Brush

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Flange for Industrial Brush
Flange for Industrial Brush
Laser Cut Flange on Brush
Laser Cut Flange on Brush
Laser Cut Flange
Laser Cut Flange

Through our years of experience in metal fabrication and all of its various technologies, Advanced Custom Metals, Inc. has developed very clear strategies for accommodating fast-paced production for quick turnaround. One of our clients in the industrial cleaning industry approached us to manufacture the stainless steel flange highlighted here for use as part of a brush assembly. The challenge for us was to ship 1,000 flawless units within seven business days.

CNC laser cutting is one of our core strengths and a very efficient means for cutting through 14 gauge stainless steel sheet. Since laser cutting has no hard tooling requirements, we needed minimal lead time to set up the job. The programmable operation of our high-powered laser allowed us to make highly accurate cuts at very favorable production rates. The narrow kerf on the cuts enabled us to nest the 7.28'" diameter parts tightly together in order to maximize the number of workpieces produced from each sheet of material.

The specifications for these flanges stipulated a high quality finish. By paying close attention to factors such as the optics, nozzle distance, and cutting speed adjustments, we were able to keep burr formation to a minimum. However, to ensure there was absolutely no trace of residual slag on the workpieces, we subject them to a deburring process to remove any leftover burrs adhered to the edges.

The client was very impressed with the quality of the product and our prompt service. We continue to work with them on many different projects.

If you are interested in learning more about our quick-turn laser cutting capabilities, contact us today.

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Laser Cut Flange Specifications

Overall Part Dimensions
14 Ga
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.010
Material Used
Stainless Steel

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