Custom Fabrication of a Safety Guard for CNC Equipment

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Custom Fabricated Safety Guard
Custom Fabricated Safety Guard
CNC Laser Cut Safety Guard
CNC Laser Cut Safety Guard
Cold Rolled Steel Fabrication
Cold Rolled Steel Fabrication

At Advanced Custom Metals, Inc., we are equipped to manage the fabrication of large-scale assemblies that demand a high degree of precision. With our reputation for high-quality craftsmanship, an OEM in the industrial equipment market contracted with us to produce the safety guard pictured here. Designed for use on CNC die cutting machinery, quality construction was of paramount importance to protect the operator and other workers on the floor from hazards.

Primary operations for fabricating the components involved CNC laser cutting and press brake forming. We used 14 gauge cold rolled steel as the material of construction, which provided excellent mechanical properties while its good formability allowed us to uphold a very high level of accuracy. The versatile performance of our brake press, combined with the technical competencies of our fabrication specialists, enabled us to create the difficult radius bends within very exacting tolerances.

The technical skills of our welders also contributed greatly to the quality of the workpiece. They employed MIG welding as the principal joining method to ensure long-term structural integrity and reliable performance. We ground and smoothed out all of the joints, and with no welds visible, the workpiece appeared as if it was one seamless part. When completed, it featured overall dimensions of 73" in length x 33" in width x 11" in depth. After applying a painted finish, we shipped it to the customer.

The design and construction of this machine guard reliably isolates workers from potential hazards without interfering with machine operation. We manufacture them at the rate of approximately 12 units annually. If you would like more information about this project or our custom fabrication capabilities, contact us today.

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Custom Fabricated Safety Guard Specifications

Overall Part Dimensions
73.00"L X 33.00"H X 11.00"D
Tightest Tolerances
1:00 Radius
Material Used
14 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel
Material Finish

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